Premium Richly Scented Candles, Highly Scented Candles, and Scented Jar Candles from Sierra Mountain Candle Company

Whether you're new to the world of highly scented candles or a veteran, we've got something absolutely wonderful for you! Choose from an enormous variety of different scents and jars, and we'll hand pour your highly scented candle specifically for you. No more are the days when you have to buy a "highly" scented candle that may have been on a shelf for who knows how long - our scented candles are fresh and shipped straight to you. We also offer all sorts of ways to buy - from votives, to small and large jar candles, and even warmers and melters! We do it all! So feel free to browse our selection of highly scented candles at your leisure, and remember - if you have any questions at all, please give us a call or send us an e-mail, because at Sierra Mountain Candle Company, Your satisfaction is our number one priority.

What makes Sierra Mountain Candle Company's Scented Candles so Special?

You mean other than the fact that our unique highly scented candle wax blend is able to hold more scented oil than any other candle manufacturer's? That's right - the secret is in the wax. We have spent countless hours researching and experimenting with our own secret blend of scented wax and have found a perfect combination. What we offer you are very richly scented candles an incredibly long burn time with 100% lead free candle wicks. We use the highest-quality wax and Grade AAA oils to produce very highly scented candles. Our highly scented candles come in a great variety of scents and jars. Our candles are made fresh for each order, so you will not get a candle that has been sitting on the shelf. Please allow up to 4 days for your order to be processed. We also carry melter candles and Signature Candle Warmers for those who prefer a wickless option - and we are able to scent these even MORE strongly than even our most powerful wicked candle. Not only this, but we create every single richly scented candle to very demanding standards - we can do this since we hand pour each individually and specifically to order, not like the mass candle producers. We ensure that each candle has the most fresh and powerful scent possible before sending it out our doors.

Our Guarantee

Highly Scented Candles are what we do best, and we're proud of it. In fact, we're so confident that you'll love our scented candles that we place a 100% guarantee on every candle. If you're not completely satisfied with the way your highly scented candle burns (or if you have a warmer candle, the way it melts), return the candles to us (you are responsible for the cost of shipping candles back to us), and we'll offer you another scented candle of your choice free of charge (excluding shipping costs). That's just the way we do things here at Sierra Mountain Candle Company - the customer's satisfaction with their scented candle is always the most important aspect of our business.

About Sierra Mountain Candle Company

Sierra Mountain Candle Company is now starting its ninth year of business and is growing quickly. We are a company with a new approach to candle making. We know what it is our customers want - the ability to light even the smallest scented candle and fill an entire room with scent. We've spent a great amount of time researching and designing highly scented candles to do just that, and the response has been enormous. We're located in the Sacramento area of California and try to put the majestic feel of Lake Tahoe and Sierra Nevada Mountains into our scented candles (take a look at our Lake Tahoe inspired scents - they're excellent). More than this though, we're a company that takes Customer Service very seriously and want to ensure that every one of our customers are treated with the best service we can offer. If you ever have a question or concern regarding any of our handmade products or our shop, please send us an e-mail of give us a call.